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VPN and Proxy Server

VPN stands for virtual private network, ie a private network (not for public access) that use non-personal medium (eg the Internet) to connect between remote-site safely. Keep the application of certain technologies in order to even use a common medium, but the traffic (traffic) between remote-site can not be intercepted easily, nor allow others to smuggle undue traffic into the remote-site.

Or VPN is a virtual connection that is private why are so called because in essence it is not there physically just a virtual network and why it is called private because this network is a network of private nature that not everyone can access it. VPN Connecting a PC to a public network or the internet but a private nature, because it is private so not everyone can connect to this network and access it. Therefore we need the security of data.

Proxy server is a server computer or a computer program that can act as the other computers to make requests to the content from the Internet or intranet. Proxy Server acts as a gateway to the Internet world for each client computer. Proxy servers are not visible to the client computer: a user who interacts with the Internet through a proxy server will not know that a proxy server is handling requests are done. Web server that receives requests from the proxy server will interpret these requests as if the request came directly from the client computer, instead of the proxy server.

Proxy servers can also be used to secure private network that is connected to a public network (such as the Internet). Proxy servers have more functions than a router that features packet filtering because the proxy server is operating at a higher level and have a more thorough control of network access. Proxy server that functions as a "security agent" for a private network, commonly known as a firewall.